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Natural Remedy that Will Make You Forget about Bunions

Bunions represent salt deposits. There are numerous reasons that can cause their appearance. For example, they can be a consequence of influenza, tonsillitis, gout, poor metabolism, improper nutrition, rheumatic infection and wearing uncomfortable shoes. Bunions can create a lot of problems. It is difficult to find suitable footwear and look …

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50 Methods of Coconut Oil Use to Ease Your Life

Coconut oil has lots of benefits for the exterior, as well as for the interior of your body. We present you 50 methods of how you can use this product. 1.Skin Moisturizer – The most important benefits of the coconut oil is moisturizing. Use a coconut oil lotion regularly if …

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Face mask from Clay and Spirulina

I made a new face mask from clay and spirulina, a recipe inspired from internet, but modified and adapted in function of availabilities. It combines the deep cleansing and purifying effect of white clay and the nourishing and moisturizing effect of spirulina. If you have not heard of spirulina yet, …

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3 Mistakes which Women Make in Gym

Recently, while discussing with my friend Josh, who is a fitness coach for ten years, we touched the topic of most often met mistakes made while practicing physical exercises. He revealed me that, since he works in this field, he has observed the same 3 mistakes which women do during …

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Top 3 Exercises That Will Help You Lose Weight Rapidly

Doing physical exercises is truly efficient. But there is one requirement while practicing them: they have to be done regularly and quite a long period of time to reach the expected result – lose weight. It may seem to you boring and probably you think that you will not succeed, …

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Read Your Acne: What It Is Trying To Tell You

At an early age, people are starting to be concerned about their appearance; thus, they are taking measures to prevent acne and wrinkles. However, although it was proven that acne emerges on the face due to hormones or stress, the part of the face where it rises may be telling …

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