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50 Methods of Coconut Oil Use to Ease Your Life

Coconut oil has lots of benefits for the exterior, as well as for the interior of your body. We present you 50 methods of how you can use this product. 1.Skin Moisturizer – The most important benefits of the coconut oil is moisturizing. Use a coconut oil lotion regularly if …

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Face mask from Clay and Spirulina

I made a new face mask from clay and spirulina, a recipe inspired from internet, but modified and adapted in function of availabilities. It combines the deep cleansing and purifying effect of white clay and the nourishing and moisturizing effect of spirulina. If you have not heard of spirulina yet, …

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Amazing Scrub for a youthful and healthy skin

I needed a body cream and, as I was having too much shea butter, I searched for a recipe that would contain this powerfully moisturizing compound. The disadvantage of shea butter is that during summertime it is very creamy and oily and it has to be very well massaged, so …

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Marvelous Cream for Legs with Essential Oils

Various essential oils are beneficial in treating different skin issues. The same thing refers to legs skin. We provide you the recipe of a moisturizer for legs with lots of advantages, besides moisturizing: tightens the skin, heals scratches and razor burn, and diminishes the possibility of appearance of scars, stretch …

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10 Things about Shaving Your Legs

There are not precisely established some steps in the process of legs shaving. However, we present you 10 facts useful in shaving your legs, which will provide you an easier and best process. These tips will make you want to expose publicly your legs more and more! 1.Exfoliate the skin …

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8 Morning Beauty Routine Habits

I don’t know any girl that woke up in the morning and looked spectacular and ready for the day. However, by changing a bit your morning beauty routine you can get ready much faster and shine all day. Down below are presented few tricks that you should be doing in …

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